The Trichrome Project

welcome to the trichrome project blog, which documents the progress of the trichrome animation series, including research, artwork and news.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

lemon jump

a doodle to get into the groove of drawing yellow

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

blog revamp + trichrome yellow

so, as you can see i have returned to this blog after more than half a year. why? because it's time to get started on the next installment of the trichrome animations, which i have decided will be yellow. since the blog proved to be a pretty useful tool in making the previous animation, i'm definitely returning to it this time around, and will be posting brainstorms, artwork, animation tests, and anything else that relates to this project.

since i took a break to try and start a 'career' since graduating from college, i'll be needing to roll back into the themes and ideas behind trichrome. i'll be looking at different ads and continuing my research as well as searching for inspiring animation work. i'll also be looking at trichrome blue and the things that i want to improve this time around, as well as trying to expand on the positive aspects of the animation.

trichrome yellow
what is trichrome yellow again and what does it mean? it's one of the three 'moods' or expriences that the trichrome company offers. where trichrome blue is calming and sedating, trichrome yellow is refreshing and energizing. think of sunshine, the smell of fresh lemons and the feeling of happiness and joy.

in the coming month i'll try to formulate a concept for an animated short around these experiences. it will be a sequel to trichrome blue and thus follow in the same format, but hopefully take the concept a step further as well.