The Trichrome Project

welcome to the trichrome project blog, which documents the progress of the trichrome animation series, including research, artwork and news.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

storyboard finished

finally finished the first version of my storyboard for the animation. above are some random frames.
and now it's on to animating non-stop for a month and a half! YEAH!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

bubbles and lotuses

paper finished

woohoo! i finally finished the first draft of my research paper. i still need to add the contents page, bibliography, images, etc., but in its current "naked" form it is 29 pages long with gill sans font, 11pt, no double spacing. i figure that's a healthy size, haha. i'm pretty satisfied with the results.

anyway, for those who are curious as to the contents of the paper, i have created a wordle which shows the most frequently used words in the paper, the largest words being the ones used most often, and vice versa for the small words. almost the same as reading the paper! haha.

from this point on, 100% of my daily work time will go into the animation. HARDCORE!!