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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hello to anyone who might be reading,
I created this blog to document the process of my EMMA project at the HKU, which I'll be working on until the end of August, at which point (hopefully) I will obtain a Master's degree in design for the completed project.

The EMMA project basically involves writing a research paper and then making stuff. I get to choose what to write about and what to make, so the possibilites are very broad. For the coming months I'll be primarily focusing on the research, which I didn't intend to document in a blog. However, yesterday a very inspiring and succesful graphic designer, Tarek Atrissi, gave a presentation at our school with some tips on how to handle the EMMA project, he himself being a graduate of the program in 2009. He suggested, amongst many other things, documenting the research process in a blog or something similar. Having thought about it, I decided that this was in fact a good idea. It'll help me to structure my thoughts and keep working in small steps rather than attempting to write the whole paper in one weekend as per my usual approach.

So, welcome to my EMMA project blog! For those who are wondering what my EMMA project will entail, my current pet name for the project is "The animated short as a format for advertising." I wanted to look at how animated shorts are used as an advertising technique, for example "Happiness Factory" by Coca-Cola. I'll try to keep it interesting, but for now I'm logging off.

Feel free to check out my other websites for more mindless entertainment.

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