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Saturday, August 29, 2009

last post

It's been a while since my last post! This is mainly due to the fact that I was animating the entire time, and I didn't want to post any animation online until the film was entirely complete. By now, the animation has been complete for about a week and I had my final graduation presentation on Tuesday, August 25th. It went well: I passed with highest scores for all criteria! So I guess that brings an end to my time as an animation student. Now I am simply an unemployed animator with a European Media Master in Arts.

As for some final updates, here is the animation:

And I will also include a download link to my thesis, which I'm putting online for educational purposes. It is an investigation of animated shorts as an advertising medium and covers advertising history, animation's relevance to advertising, case studies on the Coca-Cola and Prada campaigns, and a chapter on my graduation animation. Here is the link:

Entertain Me: The Added Value of Animated Shorts as an Advertising Medium

And finally, I made some graphics for my final powerpoint presentation, symbolizing the evolution of the project. Just to make it a more entertaining experience for my teachers, I personified my project as a little blue creature. It worked: they said my project was very enjoyable!


  1. What program did you use to animate this? Lovely!

  2. pretty! I didn't expect it to be an ad at the end, haha. I wanna see the other colors!

  3. amazing!!

    you owe an A++!!
    congrats for the project, it's absolutely awesome!

  4. i really love it, as for a graduation film, it's surely one of the best i've seen. i always liked your drawings/digital paintings and i couldn't believe you were doing animation, since it's about redrawing the same thing so many times most of us can't be bothered with nice quality and i was wondering how you'd approach that: if you'd drop on the quality or make it "less moving" (you know, the tricks and stuff with using more still images, gives it a different feel but still works in some ways).
    but no, you animated the whole thing so perfectly and kept this amazing look your all work have.
    congrats, i wish my graduation film will be anything like that, you're amazing.
    (i'm studing animation as well, but i've got 2 more years to go)

  5. Lindo trabalho,Lois. Parabéns!
    Beautiful work, Lois. Congratulations!

  6. Wow, that was amazing. I love the color of the entire short. The slides you did for your presentation are awesome as well. Congrats on the grade.

  7. thanks so much everyone!
    @ filip: i used TVpaint, after effects and photoshop.

  8. this is gorgeous! thanks for sharing - i feel so calm now. haha.

  9. I stumbled upon your page browsing around the nets and your animation is BEAUTIFUL. I'm a 20yr old 3rd year digital design student from the United States and I have such an appreciation for these mediums... as well as other females that can so effectively express themselves within them. KICKASS keep up the good work girl

  10. Man, I just love this. Hope you decide to finish the yellow one soon, I want to see it! n_n